For More options please call us 9900000941. Do not get 10’s of Quote from different event companies. Do not depend on HR, Manager, Operations Team to get quotes. Here is an Honest price for Standard Services.


We have listed out a few Corporate events for your reference. The relevant pictures and information are published in the subsequent pages. We have expertise in planning all the below events and have a big clientele.

  • Annual Days, Anniversary, Family Days
  • Inauguration, Company Opening, Launch
  • Conclaves, Forums, Conferences
  • Contests
  • Promotions
  • Team Outings, Team Building
  • Corporate Training
  • Exhibition
  • Residential Community Events
  • Sports Events
  • Festivals Celebrations

    There are 100's of services in Corporate event planning segments like social events. Unlike social events vendors, the corporate event's vendors are more professional in their deliveries. However, we have well practices process in place to ensure the best output is extracted from the vendor with nominal prices. Since we do regular events the vendors will also accept less price which is win-to-win for the vendors, clients and our company. Some of the services are in-house mad many are form from reliable vendors.

    For each and every services we have qualified, experiences reliable multiple vendors & backups for urgent bookings. This is the advantage for clients who confirm orders on last minutes. 7events team has put day night efforts to give ON TIME service and there is no single issue ever occurred. That's the Promise we make. Stage, Banners, Backdrops

  • Stage, Banners, Backdrops
  • Sound & Lights
  • Performances
  • Furniture
  • Printables
  • Media & Studio Services
  • CORPORATE CLIENTS has served many SME's & Big Corporates. Some of the events are completely executed by & few events were partially executed. Since we have a wide range of services & expertise in it, our customers can choose any of our services especially when the companies have internal event team which handles a few of the services by selves.