Cradle for Naming Ceremony

For More options please call us 9900000941. Cradle is another main element. In olden days the cradles were used to be done in Pure Gold with Diamond works to it. For the new generaiton we have made many unique cradles from simple to a master piece. No one has the cradles that we have with 7events. We also do theme based custom Nameboards and Cradle if the customer want a unique special ones. We have modern, Western, India style Cradles. Cradle always come with cushion for the baby to sleep well. Many customer do ask for twin Baby Cradle. We will provide the same but with limited options. But all the cradles are generally big enough to keep two kids. Flower based cradles will be fabulous. Along with flowers we use decorative props.

Cradle Ceremony : Ceative Name-Boards Gallery #1