Threading Ceremony

The threading ceremony or the Munja ceremony is considered as a very important milestone in any boy’s life in the Hindu religion. It is the ceremony in which a sacred thread is tied around the boy giving him the right to learn and study the sacred Hindu Vedas and scriptures. This ceremony dates back to 3000 BCE which was before the birth of Lord Krishna. In those days this ceremony was conducted when the boy reached the age when it’s time to leave home and to completely devote himself to his Guru. But nowadays it’s celebrated when the boy reaches his puberty.

The ritual commences with the boy shaving his head. Then a tuft of hair is tied around his head and a string of flowers around his brow. This will be the last time the boy will be fed by his mother before he opens the door to a world of maturity and responsibility, and hence the ritual of him sitting on his mother’s lap and being spoon-fed for the last time will take place. He is bathed to remove any reminiscence of the past as this ceremony is supposed to mark his rebirth. After which he is handed over the sacred thread.

The sacred thread consists of three strands where each strand symbolises the three Vedas-Rugveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda. It is worn to keep the good and purity in him alive, to not adulterate his deeds and guide him in the path of righteousness.

7events wants to make this moment memorable in every way possible for the boy as well as all his family members. We understand the importance and value of this occasion for you and therefore won’t leave any stones unturned, to make it unforgettable and special, in all its glory. We will make the transition from a boy to a man, indelible for you.

Puberty Ceremony

The transition from the girl who used to play in the streets to the lady who is conscious about her every stride, is unique in every possible way. As a girl the change you go through with this transition, cannot be simply put to words. It is a feeling that you experience, as butterflies flutter in your stomach with thought of the new found pass to womanhood.

The puberty function is held to celebrate this transition in many parts of the country. This ceremony is celebrated with splendour and magnificence.

The function looks like a miniature wedding because the girl is all decked up just like a bride. She is made to wear her first heavy Kanchipuram saree and is decorated with tons of shinning gold jewellery. The newly turned lady looks no less than any south Indian bride.

She is bathed in holy water and made to perform numerous rituals. After all the mantras and chants are done with, the relatives and friends shower the girl turned woman with loads of gifts.

In the olden days, when girls were married off at an early age, this occasion use to be a sign that she is ready to become a bride and acted as a green flag for the incoming proposals.

We at 7Events know how important your little girl is for you and how much you want to celebrate her coming of age with pomp and grandeur, therefore we assure you to leave no stone unturned to make this occasion special for your little girl.

Seemantham is the ritual that is carried out in the southern region of India. It’s a ceremony performed to celebrate the fertility of a woman. Motherhood holds a unique place in every mother’s heart. Nothing can be more special than bringing a bundle of joy into this world, giving birth to it and raising it with all love and care you can provide. This ceremony is usually held in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is celebrated to shower the soon to be mother with all the blessings and love and to keep all evil spirits away from her and the child. We at 7events know how important this phase is for any woman. The transition from being a woman to a mother is ineffable and we want you to have the most exceptional celebration. A celebration that will remain etched in the memories of everyone present just like it will be on yours. For this ceremony all the women are invited, relatives and friends to be a part of this joyous moment. Turmeric or kumkum is smeared on the mothers forehead and bangles are put in her hand. This ceremony is basically conducted for the well-being and proper growth of the child.

Baby Shower

Baby shower is the westernized version of Seemantham. A function that began in the west which soon caught up with east as well. All the soon to be mothers nowadays have a baby shower which is usually thrown by her friends or close relatives to shower her with gifts and to spend some quality time with her before her big day. We at 7events know to keep this baby shower cute, sweet and adorable. To turn this occasion into an elegant beautiful evening to remember forever.

The word Wedding brings to you a feeling of excitement, nervousness, joy and sadness, all in one go. The excitement of a complete turnover of your life, the nervousness of how well you will be able to cope with the change, the joy of spending the rest of your life with that special someone and the sadness that you will experience when you leave that old life behind to start a new one, is all brought to you in one package.

Wedding marks the unity of two individuals; the harmony of two souls. It’s a beautiful moment, special to each and every family member of the bride and groom. Also the reason why weddings in India are held with such pomp and splendour. Every ritual or wedding function holds great significance in the lives of the bride and groom; moments they are going to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Mehndi Ceremony

The Mehndi ceremony is one such function that forms a crucial part of the wedding celebrations. It is usually conducted just before the wedding. This ceremony basically signifies the application of henna paste on the bride’s hand which is bought from the groom’s side. It is said that, darker the shade of the mehndi, deeper will be the love between them. A bride is considered to be incomplete without putting mehndi as it is considered to be a part of the 16 adornments of a bride. Use of Henna is considered to be very auspicious in our Hindu traditions and Indian rituals. 7Events understands you and wants to make your Mehndi ceremony as special as it can for you.

Haldi Ceremony

The haldi ceremony is another such function, without which any wedding is incomplete. Both the bride and groom have the haldi ceremony after which they are not supposed to get of their houses or meet each other. A paste made with turmeric and rose water is applied on five areas of the body; feet, hands, arms, knees and face. It signifies a new beginning and cleanses the body and soul for a new start to the married life. Turmeric as it is known for its antiseptic properties, symbolizes protection of the bride and groom. We at 7events want to make this occasion beautiful and elegant for you and yours to be. A ceremony that will remain engraved in your hearts for decades to come…